Your Groomers

We make sure your pup's visit is as comfortable as possible, and that they look and feel as good as they can when they walk out our doors.

Photo of Caira



Caira began grooming in 2017 and joined the Precious Pets team in 2018. Her experience with animals began several years earlier as a pet-sitter, which led to her passion working with dogs.

Photo of Drew



Drew has been working at Your Precious Pets since 2011 and involved in the grooming world for longer than that. Her passion for animals carries over with a love for fostering dogs and cats.

Photo of Henia



Henia started grooming in 2013. She didn't have a lot of prior experience with dogs but quickly fell in love with the career. Nothing makes her happier than caring for her clients.

Photo of Heather



Heather works part time at Your Precious Pets and has been with the company since 2014. She is currently not accepting new clientele.